Panettone vs Roscón.
Nov 2021

Elena Bravo


Panettone vs Roscón.


Panettones made with marrons glacés, chocolate, pear and rum, mascarpone and red fruits, three chocolates, apple and cinnamon, mandarin, sour cherry, fig and chocolate, pistachio cream, limoncello, saffron, champagne cream...

We almost forgot that the classic panettone exists, with its raisins and candied fruit, but it always has a privileged place on our shelves.

Legend has it -never confirmed- that by mistake panettone was baked for the first time in the ovens of a Milanese duke in the 15th century, but the reality is that the recipe did not appear in any cookbook until 1814 (Francesco Querubini). Today the most orthodox of this Christmas sweet is surrounded by versions of the recipe that have little to do with the original, but the truth is that it is probably the cause of its worldwide success: there is panettone for all tastes.

This year with more haste than ever, Mantequerías Bravo begins to fill up with all those varieties of Panettone that our customers like. They are looking for their favorite brand (have the Scarpattos arrived yet?), each one with their favorite filling (the pistachio ones haven't arrived yet?), and many of them are looking for a different gift with a guaranteed success. For forty years, in Bravo there has always been panettone. And it's always Italian. We like to discover artisan producers capable of maintaining a balance between their quality and their prices, but it is true that as consumers we also look for a beautiful presentation when we want to make a gift. Manufacturers such as Flamigni, Scarpato, Loison or Etna Dolce seduce us every year with their quality, that light and juicy bread texture and their most captivating image.

The objects of desire among lovers of this "not so sweet" product are a few that stand out among the rest: the wonder that Cipriani makes, with its particular and recognizable green tint; the Poli panettone, made by the Grappa distillery and filled with cream flavored with this grape liqueur; and the Dolce&Gabanna collection, the designers who love Italian gastronomy who have also been encouraged by this Christmas dessert by Fiasconaro, another great one.

From half a kilo to 10 kilos for large families and company events, panettone has earned an indestructible place on our Christmas culinary wish list.

Of course, the Roscón de Reyes can rest easy: not even this delight will be able to take its place to say goodbye to Christmas with the arrival of the Three Wise Men from the East.

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