The same spirit as in 1931

History and Quality

Mantequerías Bravo is a gourmet icon in Madrid that unites the history of our city with the best wine and gastronomic products of excellence since 1931. In the hands of the same family since Cruz Bravo founded our store in the center of the Barrio de Salamanca, we work every day to continue its philosophy: "The best product, with the best service".


90 years later, at Mantequerías Bravo we maintain the tradition of selecting only the best products and the most exquisite novelties, which grace our historic store with good taste and gastronomic trends.

The flavor of history reminiscent of the old shop remains in its wooden façade and in the exceptional customer service of our team, which has made us unique for almost a century.


We no longer take our freshly roasted coffee out to the sidewalk to cool it, as Cruz did in the 1940s; but we continue roasting it to give it the unmistakable touch of our selection. Although we keep the cod slicer with great affection in the store, we have exchanged it for the best artisan preserves from the Cantabrian Sea. And olive oil, which in the past was served in bulk in containers brought by customers, today is chosen from among the best mills in Spain to arrive at your table in beautiful bottles with liquid gold of unsurpassed quality.


Mantequerías Bravo is today a benchmark for lovers of wine and gourmet products, we proudly arouse the appetite of the most demanding palates.

Specialized in the best Spanish wines, such as Vega Sicilia, and with a permanent stock of the great French wines, we have bottles of up to 27 liters from iconic wineries made exclusively for our store. At Bravo you can always find our acorn-fed Iberian ham, extra virgin olive oil from olive trees up to 2,000 years old, preserves made by hand with the best raw materials, foie gras and caviar.

Welcome to our shop. Welcome to your house.

The best thing in the store is the people who come in and dedicate their time to us"