Carasatu bread, delicate, crunchy and full of flavor.
Mar 2022

Carasatu bread, delicate, crunchy and full of flavor

Carasatu bread (carasau, carasadu or crasao) originating from Nouro, the most inland and mountainous province of Sardinia, is known in Italy as "music card" due to its appearance of thin sheets reminiscent of music scores. The history of carasatu bread, on the other hand, is a symbol of the typical pastoral culture of the Italian region, since, during long periods of transhumance, it was an ideal food that took up little space and could be preserved for long periods of time. The shepherds only had to wet it a little, with water, wine or oil, to restore its original crispiness, a custom that is still maintained.

Currently, this delicious bread presents more refined forms, but the tradition continues to be kept and the ingredients of the original recipe are respected. In Spain we usually use it as a crunchy wafer to prepare an appetizer and surprise our guests. But really it is the lightness of the Carasatu that invites you to explore an infinite number of combinations. Haute cuisine chefs have used it to repair sandwiches, as an accompaniment to the popular Russian salad, and there are those who venture to replace the lasagna pasta with these very thin sheets of bread. The truth is that the delicate, crunchy and full of flavor Carasatu bread, despite being such a basic product, steals the limelight from any accompaniment. At Mantequerías Bravo we always think about looking for products that delight the palate with new experiences and if you have not tried it yet, you will tell us.

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