LOA77 "Olive oil Km 0"
Jun 2022

Elena Bravo


LOA77 "Olive oil Km 0"

Loa77 "Olive oil Kilometer 0"

If we think about the geographical places where good oils are produced in Spain, Madrid probably did not appear. Jaén, maybe Catalonia? They are classic producers of quality oils, but the truth is that in the last decade other regions such as Toledo, Alicante or our Madrid have especially improved their products until they are suitable to have a place in Mantequerías Bravo .

Loa77 is one of those gastro whims that is worth having at home. A kilometer 0 and organic product that allows us to defend the current consumption of local products: the merchant have the necessary goods in a short time; we promote the emotional connection to our land; and above all, it allows us direct contact with the producer, something that is essential at Bravo. We love knowing who makes what we sell, and being able to explain why it's good.

Pedro Laguna and his family produced more virgin olive oils, such as Oleum Laguna (Arbequina and Cornicabra), but Loa77 made a name for itself from the day Pedro introduced it to us. Made with the fruits of its Villaconejos olive trees, the trees from which this liquid gold comes are surrounded by lavender, which obtains a special flavor from each drop of product. That lavender is the reason for the beautiful purple-toned packaging of Loa77 that contrasts with the rabid green of the picual and hojiblanca from organic farming that make up this juice.

The tastings open to the public that we have carried out in our store show our success in choosing Loa77 as a local oil, but it is not just our thing: In the last Olive Oil Award contest in Zurich, replacing gold as the best oil, and silver for the best Spanish extra virgin olive oil and the best organic. Evooleum has also recognized it with different mentions. Not bad, for an extra virgin olive oil from Madrid that has just burst onto the market.


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