Tiffany's??? Or the best of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sep 2021

The jewel of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Rosa Vañó has a degree in Business Administration, an expert in Marketing… and a farmer. She left behind her position as a manager at Coca-Cola to pursue a dream, the dream that her father started: to exploit an olive grove in Jaén owned by her family. Co-founding partner of Castillo de Canena, together with her brother Paco she was a pioneer in bringing together two basic elements today in the commercial success of her company: a good product and incredible packaging.

When the Italians were years ahead of us in the sale of extra virgin olive oil throughout the world, the Vañó brothers bet on what no one else bet on: collecting the best of their olive trees and wrapping it beautifully so that people would like to try it. This, which is common today, made them find a place in which they are still kings. Many hours of work, research and joint effort in search of excellence. With the keys to succeed, all they had to do was get their product to the final consumer and they did it.

Mantequerías Bravo believed in them from day one, and for two decades now, they have been top sellers every year. With each new product, such as the oil refined in sherry barrels, and with each classic, such as its Reserva de Familia. Rosa, who accompanied us in a guided tasting, presenting her most emblematic oils, tells us about the selection, production and design of her bottles, as well as the perfect pairing of each of the varieties. Arbequina, Royal, Picual. Moments are brief in his company, anecdotes surfaced amid laughter that we will surely not forget. The impetus of youth, the desire to risk that formed a fundamental part in the development of the brand.

We were very surprised when they told us about the Arbequina in oak smoke and that is that behind the blue bottle there is a story. Rosa wanted to give herself a gift by choosing the Tiffany Blue color for the packaging, since she had never received a present from the famous jewelry store. And what a good choice it was! Well, the extra virgin olive oil that it contains inside is a real gem. It is the fruit of a secret blend of woods, which of course will remain a family mystery. During the production process, these are in charge of smoking and impregnating the arbequina oil with a characteristic aroma, giving it different notes and nuances.

Its tasting evokes aromas of apple and almond, with a warm caramelized touch. Its smoky smell is ideal for raw use of all kinds of meat and fish or to give the final touches to that pizza that we have just brought home as Rosa recommended.

High-end extra virgin olive oils are not just for toast in the morning or finishing salads, they should always be with you for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, first courses, second courses, desserts, we must integrate them into our gastronomy around the world. Enjoying Castillo de Canena is an experience worth enjoying. The next thing, about to hit the market, is pure health.

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